Business Conflict: Tips for Settling Business Disputes Part 1

A large part of being a successful business owner is knowing how to make deals and facilitate conflict when it arises. When in a dispute over a deal or an agreement that has been made, the potential costs are endless. The potential cost of litigation, the potential cost of loss of reputation, the potential cost [...]

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Think Your 401(k) Is Flexible? 6 IRA Benefits Your 401(k) Doesn’t Have

When it comes to retirement plans, IRAs and 401(k)s provide many of the same benefits. But in certain situations, an IRA can outperform a 401(k). IRAs aren’t right for everyone, so you should become familiar with the advantages IRAs have over 401(k)s before you transfer funds or set up a new account. To help you [...]

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Name Legal Guardians For Your Kids Now- For Free!

Name Legal Guardians For Your Kids Now to Make Sure They Will Never be Raised By Anyone You Wouldn't Want ... It's Free, It's Easy, Now There Are No Excuses! If you do not have legal guardians named for your children and something happens to you, a Judge will decide who raises your kids. Take [...]

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How to Pick a Trustee, Executor, and Agent Under a Power of Attorney

  While the term fiduciary is a legal term with a long history, it very generally means someone who is legally obligated to act in another person’s best interests. Trustees, executors, and agents are all examples of fiduciaries. When you pick trustees, executors, and agents in your estate plan, you’re picking one or more people to make decisions [...]

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