Comprehensive Estate & Business Planning
with Integrated Tax & Wealth Strategies

Personal Family Lawyer | Creative Business Lawyer


Wills and Living Trusts, Tax & Charitable Planning, Legacy Planning.


Make sure your investments are properly managed so your estate plan works as intended.


Protect your assets from creditors, a lawsuit or divorce proceeding.


Corporate and LLC Formation, Non-Profits, Contract Review, and more.


Probate and Trust Administration for your loved one’s estate.

Helping Families & Small Business Owners Protect Their Loved Ones,
Build Their Wealth, & Create a Lasting Legacy

The Quraishi Law Firm proudly provides comprehensive estate and business planning with proactive tax and wealth strategies, catering to families and small business owners. Our services include:

Living Trusts
Wills (simple & complex)
Retirement Planning
Small Business Planning

Asset Protection
Financial Planning/Investing
Family Limited Partnerships/LLCs
Charitable Giving
Strategic Tax Planning

For Individuals & Families

We help individuals and families plan for an uncertain future so they can stop worrying and start living. Estate planning may seem like a boring or arduous activity, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Estate planning can be enlivening, enlightening, and empowering–the way we practice it. Because estate planning is a lifelong activity, pick a firm you trust. Pick an attorney who understands your greatest wealth is you and who will help you care for your kids, your wealth, and yourself.

A Very Different Kind of Law Practice

  • Integrated Planning: We will look at your entire estate plan as a whole, from family trusts and legal documents to strategic tax planning and wealth management. Integrated estate planning is all about making sure that all of the pieces of your estate plan fit well together to accomplish your goals and dreams.

  • Legacy: We plan for the whole person, not just your money. That means you have the opportunity to plan for all possible risks, and pass on your intrinsic, hard earned life’s wisdom.

  • Excellent Legal Care for Children: If your children are still minors, we help you craft careful plans for their legal custody and not leave it to authorities to take care of your kids if you’re unable to get home to them.

  • A “Down-to-Earth” Planning Approach: We don’t dazzle you with legalese. We show you. We describe important concepts clearly so you truly understand what you’re doing when you plan.

  • No Hourly Billing: Our firm charges flat-fees for our planning services so you never have to worry about a surprise bill.

  • Communication is encouraged from our clients. We want you to know what your estate plan does and enjoy the process!

  • Complimentary 3-Year Estate Planning Reviews to ensure that as our clients’ lives change, so does their estate plan.

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For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

If you are the kind of business owner who wants to make a real difference in the world while you are in business and leave behind a body of work that continues to do good for your family, your clients/customers and the world after you are gone, you have come to the right place.  Most lawyers simply don’t see law the same way we do. In fact, you won’t find a lot of people who see law the way we do.

Why is that? It’s because the traditional law business model is flawed.  It incentives lawyers to spend more time on matters (since they are billing for every hour in six minute increments), increase conflict (the more conflict there is, the longer the engagement), and constantly focus on the next new client (one off transactions are the norm in most legal practices).  Plus, the world has shifted and quite a lot of legal work has become commoditized into online legal drafting software, documents on demand and do it yourself lawyering.

Lawyers, not being entrepreneurs, tried to compete and became mere shadows of themselves – document drafters, doing one off transactions for clients, such as incorporating business, and then went on the hunt for the next new client.

Not us.  We build lifetime relationships with our clients.

Because a legal relationship not built upon a lifetime foundation is worthless. Really.  If you want a transaction, go online and find a document drafting service. If you want great advice that will help you move your awesome idea into a revenue generating business, LIFT your existing business to the next level of excellence, and prepare you and your business to leave behind a legacy of significance, you have come to the right place.

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