NFA Gun Trust Lawyers in Texas

An NFA Gun Trust, also known as Gun Trust, Firearms Trusts, NFA Trusts, Class 3 Trusts, or Firearms Revocable Trusts, are an excellent way to purchase and own a Title II Firearm sold by Class 3 dealers as well as regular firearms.

A Class 3 Dealer sells Title II Firearms which are defined to include a machine gun, silencer (suppressor), short-barreled shotgun or rifle, destructive device, and an AOW (any other weapon.)

Drafting a Gun Trust

If you live in Frisco, Dallas, or other major cities in Texas, the Quraishi Law Firm can help you draft an NFA gun trust. Our team of gun trust lawyers in Texas has years of experience in dealing with legal matters involved in this type of trust. Hence, with our services, you can conveniently purchase a firearm you may need for personal or business protection.

Unlike other so-called Gun Trusts, this is a real Gun Trust. This NFA Gun Trust is specifically tailored to issues regarding purchasing, owning and using NFA Firearms as well as the use of the Gun Trust.

A Gun Trust can help you overcome situations where the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your area is reluctant or unwilling to sign an ATF Form 4 or Form 1. There are many other benefits to using a Gun Trust to purchase your firearms including protecting others, like a spouse, child or friend, from issues of constructive possession or other violations of Federal law. A Gun Trust can allow other people to be authorized users of your Title II firearms without violation of the National Firearms Act.

Transferring a Gun Trust

A properly drafted NFA gun trust can be transferred to another family member upon the death of a single trustee. When several trustees are named, the trust can allow multiple beneficiaries to purchase, possess, and use an NFA Class 3 weapon. So if a weapon is essential for protecting your family, properties, or businesses, you need a qualified professional to draft or transfer an NFA gun trust for you.

With legal matters as complicated as a gun trust, hire only the best legal professionals. Our gun trust lawyers are among the most dedicated in Texas and our services are on a flat-rate basis. This means you don’t need to rush in explaining your requirements during personal consultations. It is important for our attorneys to get to know you better, after all, so they can draft a gun trust that meets your unique objectives and requirements.

Contact us at 972.292-7675 to set up your NFA Gun Trust today in Plano, Fort Worth, Denton, and other cities in Texas!

Contact us at 972.292-7675 to set up your NFA Texas Gun Trust today!

Benefits of a Gun Trust vs. individual ownership for NFA firearms: