Personalized & Comprehensive Wealth Planning & Management

Our personalized wealth management services are designed to provide investors with guidance, education, and most importantly, effective strategies that help accomplish your financial goals.

Our mission is to inspire others to make informed and educated decisions about their money, so they can live their life by design, not by default.  By integrating your legal, tax and financial plan into one comprehensive plan and looking at the “big picture”, we can make sure that all of the pieces of your plan fit together seamlessly to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Money Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Are you confused by most financial advice?  If so, you’re not alone.

Have you ever sat across from a financial advisor and only understood every third word they were saying? And yet they were talking about your money, your life and your future.

At Quraishi Law & Wealth, we believe clients should understand everything that is happening with their money; that advisors should be just as good about explaining investments as they are at managing them.

First, we’re going to get to know you and discuss what’s most important to you. We’re going to figure out your goals and the outcomes you’d like to achieve with this money. After we determine your goals and personal risk tolerance, we allocate your money to our various investment strategies designed to help you pursue those goals, all while MAXIMIZING opportunities for tax diversification.
We work with a wide variety of clients – everyone from high net worth investors to those who are just starting out. While each family gets a personalized financial strategy, we’ve helped thousands of families navigate their complex financial needs and guided them through life’s major decisions.
As your trusted advisor, we’re focused on adding convenience and simplicity to your lives. We will make sure you’re educated on your investments and how we manage your money – as much or as little information as you’d like.

Whether you’re investing hundreds or millions, we’re about much more than results – we’re about helping you understand where those results have come from and why the strategy works. If you’re tired of the mystery of investing and want to know exactly what’s happening with your money, schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session today.

the TotalWealth Plan

It’s about more than money — it’s what money enables you to do with your life. We create straightforward financial strategies, in light of the best overall tax strategy, that address life’s challenges, and employ Noble Prize winning research to construct portfolios that increase your probability of success.

We utilize an institutional approach to investing that focuses on both downside protection and upside capture, customized for the risk tolerance and goals of each individual investor, all while minimizing taxes and internal expenses and fees.

We think investing, alongside proper risk management strategies, can work to help most people reach their long-term financial goals. Unfortunately, many people get mixed messages and bad advice when it comes to how to invest. We provide long-term
investment strategies for Main Street investors which help
bring clarity to the investing process.

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Our Mission

We care deeply about helping you live a better, more fulfilling life with less worry and fear. It’s easy to become distracted and lose sight of what actually matters to your long term success.

Our firm has a strong value for education—that means we can help you understand what your portfolio is doing and why. We strive to create an environment where investors are excited to attend educational events and to further understand their investments and the academics and ideas they’re built around.

  Understanding the origins of your investment strategy is something few investors will ever do. However, this understanding will give you a greater depth of knowledge and can create confidence in uncertain market conditions. These foundations are the underpinnings that help your investment strategy work and the underlying construction of your portfolio.

Straight-forward and Transparent Fees

We seek to serve your best interests by placing them ahead of our own. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Fiduciary, we work directly for you, not a third party fund company or Wall Street bank. You can rely on us for objective, conflict-free advice based solely on your situation.


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How We Can Help

The only thing certain about the future is that it is uncertain. Comprehensive planning and disciplined investing can reduce that uncertainty. Whether you want to protect your family and wealth, meet your retirement income needs, or establish a charitable legacy, our approach can help.

We balance the use of the latest technology with our personalized ability to assess complex problems and deliver highly customized solutions, all with a down-to-earth, personable touch.

How To Get Started

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