Will Your Estate Plan Fail Your Family?

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sessions are about 20 minutes

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Carrie Quraishi
Attorney At Law

Ms. Quraishi is dedicated to using her wealth of experience, mastery of the law and commitment to a client-first approach to help individuals and families achieve their estate planning goals.

What People said about Previous Webinars


Appreciate the educational approach Carrie takes in helping families with estate planning.


Very Helpful!  Made me think about several things I didn't even realize.

I use to worry about what would happen to my family if something happened to me.  Now I have peace of mind knowing that everything has been planned out and it will be ok!

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I’m not a HowTo customer. Can I join?

You sure can. The sessions are complimentary for existing customers and new friends.

What if I register but can't make it?

It’s all good. You can register for another session at a more convenient time.

Will the session be recorded?

We don’t record these demos but if you miss one or want a refresher, you’re welcome to register for another.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! These sessions are for you. Bring your questions and participate during Q&A.

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How to avoid, or at least minimize, the payment of federal death taxes


How to protect your heirs from creditors, possible ex-spouses, and accidental disinheritance.

How to avoid excessive attorney's fees, court costs, and delays in passing on your inheritance;

sessions are about 20 minutes

How to distribute your estate to the people you choose, when you choose, and

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Will Your Estate Plan Fail Your Family ?