Tax Lessons to be Learned from Celebrity Estate Plans

A celebrity's image and likeness can continue to produce considerable income after death. This type of intellectual property is considered part of your estate, and the IRS can tax its value. In the case of pop star Michael Jackson’s estate, that recently meant an IRS bill to the tune of $64.5 million, years after his [...]

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The Unexpected Costs of Caring for Elderly Parents In Your Home

Multi-generational households are becoming the new (or maybe it’s really old) in vogue way to handle the care of aging parents. And we’re all for it so long as you consider the implications and set your family up for success. With Mom or Dad moving in, you can anticipate some extra expenses, not just financially, [...]

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DIY Estate Planning? Buyer Beware!

There are many options available to create a do-it-yourself Will for little or no cost.  These forms are popular because they’re cheap.  In some cases, by saving money now, you are setting up your survivors to pay thousands in legal fees to fix what you created with inappropriate documents. Free or low cost programs and [...]

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How to Incorporate Family Values in Your Estate Planning

Baby boomers know money isn’t the only important aspect of estate planning. A 2012 study released by the Allianz Life Insurance, Co. showed baby boomers wanted to leave their family more than just financial assets. Researchers found baby boomers identified family values as some of the most important things to pass down to heirs. In [...]

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How Can I Plan for a Strategic Retirement?

Are you approaching retirement? Not sure how you can ensure a smooth transition from working life to retired life?  Walking away from regular paychecks and employer-provided benefits can feel a little nerve wracking. Minimize the impact of these major life changes by planning accordingly. Time It Get your timing right. Review and understand your employer’s [...]

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Don’t Let Your Estate Plan Become Outdated!

“I’m Ensuring Your Estate Plan Stays Up to Date, Giving You Discounts on Future Legal Services, and Guiding You to Create a Real Legacy for Your Family!” There’s a dirty little secret in the estate planning industry and one we’ve become more and more glaringly aware of over the past few years. It affects you [...]

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Why a Trust Is the Best Option for Avoiding Probate

As Ambrose Bierce once darkly observed, “Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.” Obviously, ideally, when someone passes away, the paperwork and material concerns associated with the estate are so flawlessly handled (thanks to excellent preparation) that they fade into the background, allowing the family to grieve and remember in [...]

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New State? New Estate Plan? Why a Review After Moving is a Good Idea

We are a mobile society. More than 7 million Americans relocate to a new state each year. With an interstate move comes big changes — a new job (or retirement), new neighbors, a new drivers license. What about a new estate plan? One of the most common questions I hear — both from past clients [...]

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Quraishi Law Firm 2016 Trailer

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When Roles Reverse and Your Parents Need Your Help

When Roles Reverse and Your Parents Need Your Help Compliments of Our Law Firm, Written By: The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys Thanks to advances in medicine and science, as well as an overall better quality of life, Americans at the beginning of the 21st century have an average life expectancy of almost double [...]

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